About us

"Technological Institute of Aquaculture" is a scientific organization that specializes in aquaculture and river species, development, presentation and introduction of innovative technologies in that field. The Institute has built a reputation as a reliable and principled representative at the national and international level in the aquaculture sector.

The institute is mainly engaged in research and application of technologies important for better knowledge and protection of freshwater species at the Danube River. It works to create favourable conditions for the sustainable life cycle of the fish through strategic activities aimed at natural habitat loss, genetic erosion processes, together with the educational gap and lack of awareness of the issue, which is a challenge due to the complexity of the situation and the necessary measures.


The goals of the Association "Technological Institute of Aquaculture" are:

  • To improve the efficiency and profitability of Bulgarian aquaculture;
  • To achieve high specialization of expertise in the field of aquaculture;
  • To provide support for the development of recirculation systems in the field of aquaculture;
  • To form innovative, institutional, research and experimental policies for the development of aquaculture;
  • To assist the Bulgarian state in the development and implementation of policies for the provision of human resources, in order to achieve and ensure the professionalism of experts working in the field of aquaculture;
  • To initiate, carry out and / or support research in the field of aquaculture;
  • To exchange experience with other member states of the European Union, as well as with neighboring countries in the implementation of good practices and technologies in the field of aquaculture, improving biodiversity and environmental protection;
  • To develop and implement workable policies to encourage the participation of small and medium-sized enterprises as beneficiaries of various funding programs;
  • To ensure the provision of appropriate expert and professional support to Bulgarian aquaculture;
  • To ensure that the implemented policies and legislation favor the development of the fish industry in Bulgaria;
  • To stimulate biodiversity and environmental protection.


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